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All of the incredibles represent a disorder:
Violet - anxiety
Dash - ADHD
Mr Incredible - too strong
Mother Incredible - ???
Baby - exploding child

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Me & U (KRONO Edit)



Me & U (KRONO Edit) - Cassie

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Fashion Killa

A$AP Rocky


a$ap rocky // fashion killa

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Woman (reading)

La Dispute


And I pause where I am for a second when I hear your name
Sometimes I think I see your face in improbable places
Do those moments replay for you?
When I’m suddenly there and then won’t go away
When you’re sitting in the living room reading for the afternoon
Do you put your book down look and try to find me there?


there isnt a single part of this vine i dont like

It’s a rough night for Casablancas, who’s complaining about how he dislikes Pringles again.
Rolling Stone, 2003 (via krissypoop)


still in my top 5 favourite videos on the internet.